Materials World June 2008

The June 2008 issue takes a look at sport and leisure. Related articles focus on the use of carbon fibre composites in Formula 1 design, polymers in pole vaults and golf balls, and the evolution of the tennis racket. Other features investigate how converting coal-to-liquid fuels provides gas for power generation, and mining opportunities in Manitoba, Canada.

News includes reports on sportswear that limits the sweating and heating up of the body, and on a commercial recording material for high-resolution colour holograms.


News this issue:

Classifying ores and concentrates

Growing clean carbon nanotubes

New smelter could save energy

Microseismic technology navigates directional drilling for coal gas

Adapting to Formula 1 engine restrictions

High-resolution holograms

Direct-to-sheet extrusion for APET and PET reduces cost and environmental impact

Textile solutions to sweating in sport

Mine waste produces fuel

Features this issue:

Producing energy from hydrogen

Phase transition fuel — a coal-to-liquid fuel project in South Australia

Sporty polymers — polymer use in sports equipment

Pressure control — products from the Bernic Lake pegmite in Canada

In the frame — tennis racket development

F1 alchemists - carbon fibre composites in motorsport