Materials World June 2018

Even my female colleague in marketing was able to use our software that controls the sensors,’ said one of the speakers at the Hannover fair in April, which I attended. I looked around, nobody else seemed to be annoyed by this comment, especially not the gentleman sat next to me who had fallen asleep during the presentation. It might have been that earlier that morning, I was informed by another gentleman that if his explanation got too technical, I should just raise my hand – was I in school? Why didn’t he just ask what my educational background was so we could find a suitable technical level for discussions?

Luckily, this day was an exception. Although, I have been working in this environment dominated by men who seem to have been in their respective fields for decades for only a few years, most of the time, I encounter people who are happy to explain something without openly showing disrespect or are genuinely open minded. This is great and leads to informative conversations.

And this also accounts for the end product of interviews we conduct, the articles – which brings me to the conclusion that this might not be about gender, but manners. We don’t always get everything right with the magazine and I am very happy to be corrected, but please mind your tone and stay factual in your feedback. Take it from Fred Starr, who reports about a lack of respect in the workplace. 

Ines Nastali, Editor


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