Materials World July 2018

Change is on the horizon, dear readers. Between the last magazine coming out and this one going to print, it was time to say goodbye to Features Editor Gary Peters, who has left the editorial team for pastures new. From the world of materials science and ceramics, he jumped ship to report about lavish cruise ship tours (as you do). From all of us at the Institute, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Taking over, it will be Ellis Davies who looks after the features section of the magazine as its Commissioning Editor. Feel free to get in touch with him if you have an idea for a subject that we should report on, or if you are interested in writing an article for the magazine yourself.

Speaking of writing more – at the same time, Kathryn Allen has been promoted from Editorial Assistant to Staff Writer, which means she now spends more time with us in the office and she will contribute to more news and features in addition to her responsibility as our designated social media expert.

Enough about us, we would like to learn more about what you enjoy about the magazine and which topics you would like to read about in future. Please click on this link to access our readership survey 2018:

We are looking forward to your feedback, but for now, I am going to send you off to enjoy this edition of the magazine.

Ines Nastali, Editor


News this issue:

What lies beneath

Contamination lead

Patent of the month: conjoined joints

Get talking: A modern Victorian

Church and university speak out against the North Sea

Country report: Canada

New composites from invasive species

Dreadnoughts dominate MoD budget

Silicon sandwich

Lower price for 3D-printed prosthetics

Materials solutions to global problems

Features this issue:

Q&A – Dr Lilian Hodgson

Training for a digital world

Time to levy change?

The good in engineering

How to... get to grips with the Explorer 4 Additive

How to... carry out quality control in additive manufacturing

Material Marvels: Climbing high