Materials World February 2020

Materials are the foundation of the built world, integral to the ongoing development of larger and more versatile structures and communities, as well as, in the broader sense, finding ways to produce products with better and more specialised performance.

In this construction issue, we take a look at changing trends around the properties and applications of re-rolled steel. With China being a key market for high-strength rebar, as well as being vulnerable to infrequent yet devastating earthquakes, better understanding of the material’s behaviour during seismic activity could have a strong impact on global manufacturing choices. We assess the options for steelmakers wanting to gain an advantage through the adoption of integrated production methods. Read more on page 26.

Also, we find out if blending Portland cement with supplementary materials could help lower the carbon intensity of concrete, speak to an industry panel on the role of plastics in construction, find out about a new type of protective wallboard that resists condensation, ask why the UK’s insulation industry is returning to traditional materials, find out how nanomaterials are supporting conservation of structural heritage, and hear the latest on research and development in wood science and timber products.

We hope you enjoy all of these, plus the regular items.

Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

Get talking – Now is the time to mine

UK supermarkets give insight into plastic plans in Green Alliance report

Eliminating mercury-use in artisanal gold mining

Cadbury trials paper packaging for chocolate bar

A new polymer could reduce explosions in electrical batteries

Reducing CO2 emissions in trucks with a new capture system

Making accelerator technology at a miniature size

Evaporating water for lithium mining with solar umbrellas

Implementing blockchain to reduce illegal mining

Exploring hot isostatic pressing for storing plutonium in cans

Low carbon building material using bacteria

Injecting hydrogen into the gas grid for lower carbon energy

Using flexible adhesives to join historical timber structures

Detecting materials through terahertz waves with nanomaterials

Supercharging technology with ultra-high capacity battery

Recycling electric car batteries

Patent of the month – Construction block with photovoltaic device

Features this issue:

Spotlight: How to perform aluminium surface cleaning and evaluate cleanliness

Spotlight: How to carry out image analysis for steel quality control

Fred Starr recollects - Who are the responsibles?

Reconsidering the steel rebar market

A panel on polymers