Materials World August 2019

2D materials represents a relatively new area of science. The isolation of graphene as a single layer in 2004 fired up interest in the nanoscale, and projects on monolayer materials grew in large numbers, seeking to understand more about the property changes between 2D and 3D structures, for applications relating to everything from energy generation to stronger sportswear. While graphene is the core material of this group, in this issue we take a broader look at current research into 2D materials at large.

van der Waals forces hold atoms together and while weak by nature, they have been found to have powerful effects. We speak to a team of researchers experimenting with 2D crystal stacking and rotation to create artificial van der Waals forces that cause new states of matter and produce materials with unexpected chemical properties. Read more on page 26.

We find out how molybdenum disulphide is enabling quasi-2D gold depositing, hear the latest progress in transition metal dichalcogenides for electrochemical devices, learn how the range of organic molecular building blocks and surfaces offers a ‘near-infinite’ choice of 2D structures, and IOM3 past President, Colin Humphreys, talks about making graphene wafers at commercial scale.

Added to this, we hear about the high demands of materials for gaskets and seals in aerospace, speak to former ICT Scottish branch President, Mary Lawson, about her career in clay, and get an update on the Flexible and Mobile Economic Mineral Processing project.

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Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

US coal plans commit to clean power despite Trumps power plan

Analysis of ‘War on Plastic’ documentary and plastic waste management in the UK

Carbon‐capturing projects awarded £26mln from UK government

Implementing plan for geological disposal in the UK

Research site approved for observing geothermal energy

Investigation into British companies sending asbestos overseas

Adidas unveils hockey stick with carbon‐fibre technology

Award winner presents Bessemer Lecture

Thatching with seaweed for greener construction

Annual statistics reveal workplace fatalities in Great Britain

Lithography company unveils maskless exposure technology for high‐volume manufacturing

Next-generation semiconductors

Nanomaterials are cool

Record-breaking concrete pour at Hinkley

3D imaging makes for better filtration membranes

Chemical markers improve packaging waste sorting

Get talking - The value of materials failure investigation

Features this issue:

Weak van der Waals interactions drive 2D material properties

Gold for depositing true 2D or atomically thin films

Mary Lawson of Institute of Clay Technology Scotland branch talks history

Single-layer materials for energy devices

Australia explores novel 2D materials for mechanics and electronics

Paragraf develops graphene at commercial grade

Aerospace seals embrace direct ink writing technology

Mozambique’s graphite grandeur

FAME secures European mineral supplies

How to… maintain superhard strength

How to ... improve electron microscopy resolution

Material Marvels: Textiles in couture culture