Materials World April 2018

After I talked about the plastic wrapping material that is being used to send out our magazine in the March editorial, I received some telling feedback. Two things came to light, our readers are interested in sustainable production, which is good to know, and even have ideas about how to potentially solve our plastic wrapping conundrum, which is even better. 

One of the suggested ideas was to remove the sleeves entirely, an interesting idea, which sounds cost-effective at first, but unfortunately, this means that labels and stickers would have to be used to print the address on and keep the pages together before the magazine goes in the post and these have to be applied manually, which would definitely increase costs in the end. 

We will keep an eye out for new developments and inform you when there is news to share, but in the meantime, we will stick with the oxodegradable wrappers currently used to wrap the magazine. 

With plastic packaging being the topic of the hour, these new kinds of plastics also found mention at the Packaging Innovations show, which took place in Birmingham in February. The industry panellists are not big fans of them and explain why in my write up of the show discussions. 

As always, I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the magazine, we go on quite a global journey with this one – you will hear about oil and gas-induced earthquakes in Kansas, USA, the missing scientific interest in Italian politics, as well as Mexico’s energy policies. Last but not least, we take the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia. Enjoy the ride.

Ines Nastali, Editor


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