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  • Known unknowns

    Robert Fell argues against the misconceptions over metal recycling in the UK and explains why stainless steel is leading the charge in the recycling sector.
  • Material of the month: aluminium

    From aircrafts and skyscrapers to smartphones and packaging, aluminium is one of the most versatile materials used today. Natalie Daniels discovers why.
  • Spotlight – Another test

    Chris Berry, Manager of Medical Device Physical Testing at Smithers Pira, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about the company’s new medical device testing facility.
  • The pros and cons of a career break

    Career suicide or an opportunity to reset the work-life balance? Kathryn Allen looks at the concerns over, and benefits of, taking a career break.
  • Q&A – Dr Maria Ribera Vicent

    Kathryn Allen speaks to Dr Maria Ribera Vicent about her career to date, being awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship and the effects of a career break on career progression and networking.
  • SMR’s – small size, big opportunity?

    Small nuclear reactors are attracting the attention of Government officials, regulators and energy leaders to meet the demands of a looming energy crisis. Richard Wain and Rob McCluskey argue the case for compact modular plants in the energy mix.
  • Unlocking the potential of thorium for nuclear power

    Fundamental non-aqueous solution chemistry is providing data that can be transferable to thorium nuclear fuel cycles, as David Mills, Fabrizio Ortu and Alasdair Formanuik explain.
  • Monitoring at sea

    Structural condition monitoring will be essential to keep up with offshore wind developments, as Kevin Magee and Nick Stringer explain.
  • Building to reduce energy demand

    Peter Wilson looks at the role of the built environment in reducing our energy needs.
  • Recovering gold

    Colin Low explains how a new technique is providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of reclaiming gold.