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  • A centenary celebration for women’s engineering

    The Women’s Engineering Society has seen some significant figures and important events in both equality and engineering. Dawn Bonfield looks over the society’s last 100 years.
  • Graphene in the real world

    Andrew J Pollard* and Charles A Clifford** of the National Physical Laboratory, UK, talk on the characterisation of graphene as a vehicle towards wider commercialisation.
  • Making materials

    Ashley Pursglove* explores the journey of materials development company Mμrex through projects, from medical devices to recycled plastics.
  • Q&A: Paul Davies

    Paul Davies, Head of Engineering at University of South Wales, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about the university’s new aerospace academy in Dubai, UAE.
  • Welsh mining’s comeback

    Welsh minerals has a glittering revival. Michael Schwartz takes a look.
  • Training and the STEM skills gap

    Training, upskilling and continued professional development are key areas for healthy future industry, but how can we close the skills gap in STEM? Idha Valeur gets insight from industry experts.
  • Material Marvels: Matewan, West Virginia

    The unassuming town of Matewan was the site of the Matewan Massacre and catalyst of the second West Virginia mine war. Khai Trung Le takes a look at the history of the town, and the impact on miners today.
  • Q&A with Bethany Holroyd

    Idha Valeur talks to Bethany Holroyd Engtech MICE, Project Coordinator and mental health first aider at WSP, about her alternative route into a career in STEM.
  • Materials joining batteries and AI

    Lien Ngo explores materials’ place in the intersection between batteries and AI, and delves into the Internet of Materials.
  • Q&A with Dr Nigel Cooke

    Dr Nigel Cooke, Director of the UK Quality Ash Association (UKQAA), talks to Gary Peters on his career and the fly ash industry.