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  • Deep-sea mining opens mineral opportunities on the seabeds

    Better harvesting methods would help unlock the opportunities seabed minerals can offer.
  • Meet the librarians

    What characterises a librarian? We speak to the IOM3 Librarians about a proud history of cataloguing and sharing technical information.
  • How to… use plant-based ingredients to make polymers

    Gaia Biomaterials UK Packaging Technologist, Donald Beaton, discusses how to get the best results from plant-based ingredients during polymer production.
  • Our people make the difference

    Writ large above the rolling mills at the sprawling 13km2 integrated steelworks in Port Talbot, South Wales, is the legend, ‘Our People Make the Difference’. Tata Steel Europe Director Technical UK and Chair of the Iron and Steel Society, Martin Brunnock, explains why it couldn’t be more true.
  • How to avoid knowledge loss and get the right skills

    Navigating the skills landscape can be daunting when determining the key transferables, implementing digital and avoiding loss of knowledge. Idha Valeur talks to industry experts about where to start.
  • The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum

    The newly established Surface Engineering Leadership Forum is working to promote the sector. Monitor Coatings Managing Director, Dr Bryan Allcock, and former IOM3 Materials Advisor, Dr Geoff Hale, discuss its role.
  • Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining

    Women who worked in the materials and mining professions during the last century were pioneers in their time, entering what was very much a man’s world, and many of them made significant contributions and became prominent in their field
  • Q&A with Ben Cordier from The Coal Authority

    The Coal Authority Technical Lead – Chemistry and Process Engineering, Ben Cordier*, talks to Idha Valeur about the IOM3 CEng in a day workshop, transferrable skills and combining digital and traditional skills.
  • Making progress in polymers

    Polymers are changing, with developments focused on meeting our high demands while also addressing major global challenges in waste and recycling. IOM3 Polymer Society Divisional Board Chair, Stuart Patrick, discusses some ongoing projects.
  • The cover story

    Materials World has evolved alongside IOM3 and here, designers Lara Collins and Joe Rampley present a snapshot of some of the redesigns since the first issue in 1993.