10 apps you should know about - materials and minerals apps for smartphones

Materials World magazine
1 Aug 2013

Smartphones. Tablets. They’re everywhere. Emily Ranson lists 10 apps every materials scientist should know about.  

1. Solar Charger – free
Charges your phone with the power of the sun, detecting the amount of light available and using three different solar panels.
Google Play

2. Sheet Metal – free
Tables listing thickness of aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel sheet metal, as well as corresponding weight and ASTM tolerances.
Google Play

3. ConCalc – Concrete Calculator – free
Calculates the cubic yards needed for a range of concrete structures, keeping a running total for multiple individual calculations and a grand total.
Google Play

4. AZoMate – Free
Locates materials suppliers, contains more than 20,000 materials news items and keeps the user up to date with the latest equipment.

5. findNano – free
Identifies mineral samples, with up to 12 unique characteristics allowed to be entered.
Google Play

6. Geology – Mineral ID – £0.63
Lists products that rely on nanotechnology, and provides information on how nanotechnology in consumer products has evolved.


7. Wood Beam Design Calculator for Construction – £2.49
Calculates span, beam size, lumber type and option of point load or uniformly
distributed load for wood beam designs in construction and building.

8. Welding Pro – free
Calculates the welding wire required,gas and labour cost for filled welds and single V, double V and double
bevel joints.
Google Play and iTunes

9. Metal Weight Calculator – free
Calculates the weight of different types of metals in various shapes.
Google Play and iTunes

10. EPA’s AIRNow – free
Real-time air quality information, providing locationspecific reports on current and forecasted air quality.
Google Play and iTunes