Surface engineering hub - information about the sector

Materials World magazine
1 Aug 2010

Dr Paul Morrell of Rolls-Royce, UK, provides an update on the website for the Surface Engineering Division of IOM3, first presented in Materials World in 2008.

Surface engineering is a critical enabling technology that underpins every industrial and manufacturing sector. The Surface Engineering Division (SED) of IOM3 encompasses the needs of industry to enable predictive design of important components and products, with the minimum of waste and the use of more sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes.

Initial development trials of the Hub, presented in Materials World (September 2008, pp35-36), have been completed and the production version is under final design and trials, it is planned to be fully operational this month.

Information, such as mission statements, reports and committee documentation are published by the SED and its subcommittees (Society for Adhesion and Adhesives, Corrosion Committee and the Surface Treatments and Coatings Committee), which review and approve articles and features for the Hub for their sector and gain publishing permission for third party copyright material.

The Hub

The Hub concept was developed to allow members quick access to peer reviewed surface engineering information, ranging from emerging technology through to proven and accepted best practice across six subject areas. Selecting any area of the Hub then transfers the user to a list of articles and papers associated with that technology sector.

The inner section of the Hub guides the user to articles and papers on emerging technologies and concepts at a low level of technology readiness.

Radiating out to the red region the user is guided to articles on technologies that are more mature in each of the six sectors. At these levels, the technology is judged to be at a capable pre-production level.

In the central area, the user will be guided to articles and papers that concern fully mature technologies that are in commercial use or production.

Surrounding the Hub, the outer ring guides the user to advice, articles, papers, case studies and standards which form the enabling platform for surface engineering. These links take the user to industry-wide standards and protocols either available directly on the SED website or via links to national or international standards authorities, government funding authorities or institutes.

Over time, as the website is populated, it will become a focal point for information and data for surface engineers, allowing surface engineering to move from its historical position of a reactive role to a more predictive design approach.

Further information: Dr Paul Morrell