Materials World App 2017

Materials World App suspended for redevelopment

As part of a review of services to members, IOM3 has recently taken the decision to redevelop the Materials World app to give it a wider remit and broader appeal. The app, currently based on the magazine pages in digital format, will be completely revamped with a view to relaunching it in future as an IOM3 app that incorporates a degree of personalisation and facility for interaction with more than just the members’ magazine. The current Materials World app will therefore cease to be available after the February 2017 issue. 

Non-members of IOM3 can in future access Materials World news via the IOM3 website at

All Materials World news and features are available to IOM3 members at once logged in to our website.

Please also visit Materials World on Tumblr at

Student members of IOM3 will be provided with access to an e-zine online version of the magazine and can opt to have a printed copy too. Students will receive an email advising them of the new arrangements.