• Glue

    Sticking together – adhesives in industry

    Materials World magazine
    Adhesives and sealant manufacturers are overcoming the challenges posed by environmentally stringent legislation with new formulations and products. Rachel Connolly investigates
  • Nanotechnology

    Plotting the UK's nanofuture

    Materials World magazine
    Investment is urgently needed to unlock the commercial potential of nanotechnology in the UK. That is the conclusion of a business-backed report presented to Government on 14 January.
  • World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    The website for the fourth World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena [WCARP-IV] is now fully operational and includes details on the Call for Papers and Conference registration.
  • Microchip

    Better chip design

    Materials World magazine
    Semiconductor manufacturers are attempting to achieve more robust silicon chips with faster time-to-market and higher yield during production at the nanoscale.
  • Self-cleansing medical devices

    Materials World magazine
    A polymer that combines drug-eluting and self-cleansing agents could reduce the risk of bacterial infection through urinary catheters, say researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, UK.
  • Thermoset compounding made easy

    Materials World magazine
    A direct compounding process that makes the production of high volume and complex thermoset-based composite parts production easier may soon be available.
  • Examples of organic semiconductor-doped fibres with different colours excited by daylight or a table lamp. Image courtesy POLYCOM partner LUCEAT SpA, Dello, Italy

    In sight – faster data transmission

    Materials World magazine
    European scientists claim to have demonstrated the feasibility of doping plastic optical fibres (POFs) with conjugated oligomers or co-polymer F8BT to create all-optical switching. This may enhance data transmission in short haul POF networks.
  • Sunflower Silhouette

    Sustainability conference - have your say!

    The Sustainability Conference Committee invites you to get involved in the planning of the event!
  • Ben Whiteside launching the MNT Centre

    Polymer Process Engineering 09 – a polymer micro and nano technology focus

    The Polymer Society
    The biennial Polymer Process Engineering international meeting was held in the Norcroft Conference Centre, Bradford on 27-28 October 2009
  • coated cables

    Inorganic fillers for silicone rubber

    Materials World magazine
    By comparing inorganic fillers such as quartz, aluminium silicate and vulkasil, researchers at the University of Tehran in Iran, have discovered a way to improve the mechanical properties of silicone rubber (SR).