• Bio-Plastics for food

    The Packaging Society
    “If you are interested in ‘green plastics’, innovation in food and drink packaging or meeting consumer demand to be an environmentally-friendly brand, this is the event to come to.” Andy Sweetman – Chairman, European Bioplastics
  • Delegates at the Materials KTN AGM

    Societal solutions – The fourth UK Materials Knowledge Transfer Network AGM

    Materials World magazine
    The fourth UK Materials Knowledge Transfer Network AGM was held on 22 April in London. Network Manager Jackie Butterfield and Polymer Sector Leader Matthew Thornton report on the day’s proceedings, which explored the value of materials to society
  • Chrissy Phipps, Fab Lab Manager, works with young inventor Tayyeb Sheikh on his MP3 toothbrush

    FABricating freedom – UK's first Fab Lab

    Materials World magazine
    The UK’s first Fab Lab has opened in Manchester, UK, giving rise to a new trend in manufacturing where the public invent products through free access to design and equipment.
  • Building under construction

    Building in carbon

    Materials World magazine
    A technique for carbon profiling, as a solution for quantifying embodied and operational carbon in buildings, has been put forward in a report commissioned by the UK’s Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
  • A nose for auxetic materials

    Materials World magazine
    As the UK REACTICS programme draws to a close, Rupal Mehta caught up with the researchers involved, who want to take auxetic materials out of the lab and into the field.
  • Image courtesy of Gyou-Jin Cho/Sunchon National University

    Smart tracking with nanotubes

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A printable nano-based tag that can be invisibly embedded in packaging could provide a cost-effective tracking solution, say researchers at Rice University, USA, and Sunchon National University (SNU) in Korea.
  • IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2010 winners

    The Institute has announced the 2010 winners of its Medals and Prizes.
  • Making moves in nanotechnology

    Packaging Professional magazine
    ‘A mandatory reporting requirement’ for research conducted into nanomaterials in food or food contact materials ‘could... act as a deterrent for companies and other laboratories to carry out research and development in the UK’, claims the UK Government.
  • Materials Science & Engineering Spotlight

    Maney Publishing is the official publisher for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM 3 ). IOM 3 members have free online access to the Institute’s refereed journals via Ingenta. View this article to find out more about our journals in the Materials Science & Engineering collection.
  • Schematic of the neural electrode array resting on a bed of raw silk fibre derived from silkworm cocoons. Image courtesy of F Omenetto

    A snug fit for neurological device

    Materials World magazine
    Delivering a flexible implant through a catheter to electronically monitor neurological diseases is the ultimate goal for a team of scientists in the USA.