• Pendants: Vitreous enamel, copper and silver

    Enamoured by enamel

    Materials World magazine
    The Innovation in Enamel Symposium at University of West England in Bristol, UK, drew an earnest crowd eager to discuss the possibilities of a material weighed down in tradition.
  • LCD televisions

    The riddle of LCD recovery

    Materials World magazine
    The amount of waste from liquid crystal displays is increasing at an alarming rate. With disposal in landfill or incineration no longer acceptable in most European countries, new solutions are needed.
  • Over filled bin

    Preventing waste with packaging

    Packaging Professional magazine
    The amount of food that UK households and businesses waste could be significantly reduced with the help of nanotechnology in packaging, concluded speakers at the Food Packaging and Waste event, held in London, UK, on 29 June.
  • Future Sensing of Underwater Threats

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Center for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is seeking applications that provide novel means to detect both static and mobile underwater targets.
  • Keynote Speaker - Dr Dan Kells, BAE Systems

    Materials issues in defence and security

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Welding and Joining Society hosted the Materials Technical Group Meeting on 9 June 2010 at TWI Cambridge Conference Centre and captured some of the ongoing issues and latest developments, initiatives centred in Defence and Security through presentations and discussions.
  • Dave Dalton

    Politics as usual? Profile of Dave Dalton, CEO of the British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation

    Materials World magazine
    As CEO of the British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation, Dave Dalton wants to persuade his members and the UK Government that investment is urgently needed to ensure the industry’s future prosperity. Gary Price learns how he intends to fight for change in a sector that he has worked in for almost 30 years.
  • Television screen

    Lights on for organic light emitting transistors

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists in Italy have developed organic light-emitting transistors (OLETs) that are said to be 10 times more efficient than those previously reported and twice as efficient as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The technology could be used to fabricate monitors with improved resolution and may enable the development of electrically pumped organic laser devices using transistors with no loss of light.
  • Batteries power on

    Materials World magazine
    A novel computer model is said to have yielded new titanate structures for improved performance of rechargeable lithium ion batteries used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles.
  • NPL's electromechanical thermal test system

    The UK's National Physical Laboratory opens its doors

    Materials World magazine
    Opening its doors for the first time in over 20 years for World Metrology Day, the UK’s National Physical Laboratory in Teddington took a noble stab at enlightening the public on the crucial role materials and their measurement play in everyday life.
  • Bricks from bacteria

    Clay Technology magazine
    Bricks, grown at room temperature from bacteria, sand, and urea, could drastically reduce the construction industry’s carbon footprint, their developer claims, at the American University of Sharjah in Abu Dhabi, UAE.