• A coating system consisting of a superalloy substrate, a MCraly bondcoat and the doped thermal barrier is tested under extreme temperature gradient conditions in a laboratory. Visible is the (bluish) flame of the burner impinging on the coating. The surface temperature is about 1,250ºC. The substrate is kept at much lower temperatures. Typical gradients of 200K to 300K are achieved over a coating thickness of 300μm.

    On a cycle – thermal barrier coatings

    Materials World magazine
    Trials of a novel phosphor-doped thermal barrier coating (TBC) have been completed at RWE npower’s power station in Didcot, UK. Tested for 4,000 hours in a Siemens V94.3 (A) gas turbine, the doped yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ) coating is said to have remained in good condition, while the conventional YSZ TBC delaminated.
  • Probing hardmetal

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists in France and Sweden have made progress in understanding why some properties of hardmetal improve when doped with vanadium. The findings could help manufacturers control the hardness and durability of hardmetal.
  • Low–porosity ceramic tiles

    Materials World magazine
    Improved stain resistance in polished ceramic tiles may now be possible, say researchers at the Instituto de Ceramica y Vidrio in Spain, who have introduced an organic fugitive phase during liquid sintering of green tiles to achieve reduced porosity volume with various pore sizes.
  • Magnetic-layered phosphate showing introduction of magnetic species between the metal phosphate layers

    Adding colour to magnetic materials

    Materials World magazine
    Experiments on magnetic materials at the University of Birmingham, UK, have yielded ‘surprising’ results that could generate a new range of pigments.
  • A Volvo hybrid concept car that could benefit from the battery (Image courtesy Volvo Cars)

    Batteries pack in lighter composites

    Materials World magazine
    Structural batteries made from fibrous composites show promise as a dual-function lightweight component for vehicles, says a Swedish research group.
  • Industrial secondments

    A number of industrial secondments are available for university teaching staff.
  • Planks of wood

    Down to the woods - quality control

    Wood Focus magazine
    COST, the intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, has been running a series of R&D programmes in wood. Martin Parley reports on the final Cost Action E53 conference on quality control, held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, UK.
  • Stick together – protein-based adhesives

    Wood Focus magazine
    Proteins extracted from oilseed rape (canola), soy or castor meals using a new technique are yielding formaldehyde-free structural adhesives suitable for use in wood composites, say scientists at Advanced Biopolymer Technologies, in Mantua, USA.
  • The New Machinery Directive

    The Packaging Society
    Is your company ready for the change overs that the new Machinery Directive will require?
  • Call for participation in 'Innovation in Aviation Security' project

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The INSTINCT-Technology Demonstrator 2 (TD2) project is designed to discover, trial and showcase emergent security technologies, solutions and ideas for aviation security.