Special issue on developments in superalloys

Materials Science & Technology Division
7 May 2009

The February issue of the Institute’s journal Materials Science and Technology contains the proceedings of the symposium held in memory of Malcolm McLean at Imperial College London in April 2007. Malcom McLean (1939–2005) was head of the Department of Materials at Imperial from 1990 to 2001 where he moved following a distinguished career at NPL. He was an international authority on the production and application of nickel base superalloys.
Under the theme ‘The superalloys: from processing to performance’, this special issue brings together 21 high level contributions from the international symposium, covering modelling, alloy development, casting and heat treatment, creep and oxidation and corrosion resistance. The issue is edited by Professor Roger Reed, now at Birmingham University, and Professor Peter Lee at Imperial. Follow this link to view the full list of contents and for free access to the introduction.
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