Dr Didier Farrugia is awarded the 2008 Dowding Medal

Materials Science & Technology Division
2 Jul 2008

The Iron and Steel Society and the Rolling Committee are delighted to announce that Dr Didier Farrugia, Research Fellow, Corus RD&T has been awarded the 2008 Dowding Medal and Prize.

Dr Didier Farrugia has made a profound contribution to the understanding of metal flow and microstructural evolution during complex hot deformation processes. As well as providing new theoretical insights into the underlying physics, his work has paved the way for new roll pass design technology to be introduced in an industrial context with highly successful results.

The basis for this work has been Didier's activity within Corus RD&T during the early 1990s where he was the first worker to couple microstructural evolution models to the then embryonic 3D finite element analysis of complex hot rolling geometries. Together with code and hardware suppliers, Didier was able to construct and validate multi pass models capable of predicting local metal flow, stress / strain states and rolling forces in far greater detail than any previous method. This led to a stream of peer reviewed papers and presentations at international conferences that established Didier as an authority in this area, and to a number of new Corus products including a range of advanced sheet piling sections and asymmetric beams.

Subsequently, he worked with Corus' long products businesses to develop a full FE-based roll pass design suite which is considered the most advanced facility of its type worldwide, and has been used to develop an innovative new method for producing rail through Corus' Scunthorpe Medium Section Mill.

Didier has recently been leading the development of an advanced long products pilot mill within RD&T which again provide Corus and its customers with leading edge product development capabilities.

Didier will be presented with his medal at the Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture and Dinner on 5 November 2008.