• Safe testing

    Iain Wood, Regional SHE Manager at Element Material Technology talks to Ellis Davies about the health and safety involved in materials testing.
  • A partnership in coatings

    Stuart Lyon, AkzoNobel Professor of Corrosion Control in the Corrosion and Protection Centre at the University of Manchester, UK, and Simon Gibbon, AkzoNobel Corrosion Community of Practise, discuss their strategic research partnership.
  • Test where you stand

    Neill Wood, Programme Director for MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management at the Camborne School of Mines, UK, looks at how geophysics can help surveyors analyse and test the ground below us.
  • Spotlight: How to... use the USF-2000A ultrasonic fatigue testing system

    Trevor Wright , MTM Technical Specialist at analytical instruments company Shimadzu UK Limited, talks through the USF-2000A system and how it can be used to test metal samples.
  • Spotlight: How to... use CT scanning in well bore analysis

    Ben Morgan of Nikon Metrology explains how the company’s computed tomography scans of rock core samples have been used to improve oil and gas flow predictions.
  • Mark Miodownik on the future of materials science

    Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Society at University College London, and Director of the Institute of Making, talks to Ellis Davies about his career and the future of materials science.
  • Probing aerospace with X-rays and neutrons

    Professor Helmut Schober , Director, Institut Laue-Langevin, France, explores how the aerospace industry is reaching new heights with neutron and X-ray probing.
  • A bridge of polymer

    Eric Kid , Bedford Reinforced Plastics, UK, looks at the use of fiberglass-reinforced polymer in bridge construction, reinforcement and retrofitting.
  • Going beyond X-rays

    Atomic Weapons Establishment scientists Giles Aldrich-Smith and Nicholas Bazin describe the development and validation of compact room scale fast neutron imaging capabilities.
  • Watching a change

    There are few sectors where academia and industry work so effectively in unison – horology is one. Ledetta Asfa-Wossen caught up with innovation and development expert Senad Hasanovic* at Ceramaret, Switzerland, to talk about the changing face of watchmaking.