• Material Marvels: Linking a nation

    In smaller countries, the links that connect communities rarely register. However, in vast landscapes, across numerous time zones, such as Russia, the importance of transport cannot be overlooked, as Gary Peters reports.
  • A mining history

    Ellis Davies takes a look at some of the tourist mines around the UK.
  • Spotlight: How to... inspect cast iron water pipes

    Tim Norman* explains what to consider when inspecting and assessing the condition of cast iron water pipes.
  • Spotlight: How to... find success in failure

    In a typical year, Axiom Engineering Associates might undertake 50 metallurgical failure investigations. Steve Woodward takes a tour of its black museum of failure.
  • Materials and big physics

    Sharon Ann Holgate investigates the developments allowing scientists to go to the next level at some of the most advanced physics facilities ever built.
  • Cementing a sustainable future

    Professor John L Provis and Dr Susan A Bernal look at the possibility of producing environmentally friendly cements.
  • 3D printing, the Oxford way

    Gary Peters talks to Sam Olof about a method to 3D print laboratory-grown cells to form living structures ​
  • Meeting the challenge

    Stronger, high-temperature steels are being developed in an effort to improve the efficiency of conventional power plants and reduce CO2 emissions. Professor Scott Lockyer, Dr Mark Jepson and Dr David Allen discuss the potential of MarBN steels to meet these requirements.
  • Spotlight: Testing and inspection

    Cement is created by a complex process involving multiple ingredients, testing is therefore essential to ensure compliance with specification and application requirements. Alfonso Rivera, Technical Department and Field Service Manager for materials testing ELE International, UK, reports.
  • The politics of mining

    Michael Schwartz examines the ins and outs of the mining sector in Tanzania, and political efforts to make it a fundamental part of the country’s financial backbone.