• Mentoring in STEM

    Kathryn Allen takes a look at STEM mentoring schemes and examines how readers can get involved.
  • Q&A – Dr Nan Li

    Kathryn Allen talks to Dr Nan Li, Lecturer at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London, UK, about her career to date and the importance of mentoring.
  • A more natural future for the construction industry

    Mike Lawrence, who has spent 12 years working in the field of natural building materials, examines why there is growing interest in plant-based alternatives in the construction industry.
  • Organic waste – a new resource?

    Guglielmo Carra, who leads Arup’s Materials Consulting team in Europe, tells Gary Peters why organic waste should be used as a vital resource in the future.
  • A clothing revolution

    Society is progressing towards a future where digital connectivity exceeds the personal computer. With this comes the Internet of Things, which, according to Veronika Kapsali, could prove useful for textiles.
  • Mali’s mining boom

    Mali is climbing the ranks of the mining world. Michael Schwartz explains how.
  • Mining for polyhalite

    Gary Peters talks to Graham Clarke, Operations Director at Sirius Minerals, about the company’s polyhalite project at Woodsmith Mine.
  • Material Marvels: The bended brain clinic

    Only in Las Vegas, USA, could you get a brain clinic that has an alter ego as an events venue, the Lou Ruvo Clinic for Brain Health. Ines Nastali investigates the materials used to build the hospital with a twist.
  • Steam power’s second golden age

    Chris Armitage, Chief Executive at Heliex Power, explains why steam power is making an overdue comeback.
  • Spotlight: Back-injection moulded carbon composites

    Richard Gregory, Quality and Engineering Director of the composites facility at Prodrive, explains the process of back-injection moulding of carbon composite parts.