• Material Marvels: Climbing high

    The Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates, stands as an impressive feat of architecture and engineering, comprising meticulous structural design, as Ellis Davies reports.
  • Electric shift

    Professor Steve Dunn, University of Hertfordshire, UK, dissects the electric change in automotive transport.
  • Q&A – Mark Summers

    Mark Summers, Head of Technology (Manufacturing, Materials, & Structures) at the Aerospace Technology Institute, UK, talks to Gary Peters about the use of graphene and composites in aerospace, and recent INSIGHT paper, Graphene Exploitation materials applications in aerospace .
  • Q&A – Espen Storkaas

    Espen Storkaas, ABB’s Vice President of Industry Sector Digital Lead, Upstream Oil, Gas, and Chemicals, is a man in the know when it comes to technology in the energy sector. As he tells Gary Peters, the key hurdle to overcome is how it is used in the field.
  • Mining of Mauritania

    Michael Schwartz talks to Dr Cliff Taylor, a US Geological Survey senior geologist, about Mauritania’s mining success, and profiles Algold Resources, which owns the Tijirit resource in the northwest of the country.
  • The good in engineering

    Alastair Marsh, University of Bath, UK, Cecilia Isvén, Senior Technical Consultant at IBM, and Peter Gates, Associate Structural Engineer at Giraffe Engineering, UK, talk about how engineers can support the greater good.
  • A new voyage in manufacturing

    3D printing, or additive manufacturing (AM), has the potential to transform the maritime industry and redefine the entire supply chain. Alan Johnstone investigates how the industry can navigate the way into the future of spare parts.
  • The good and the bad of rare earths

    Ion adsorption type deposits (IOA) are two faced. They supply much of the world’s most critical rare earths (REE), but their mining process has led to the destruction of agricultural areas in South East China. Now, the search is on to find similar deposits outside the country – and to learn how to mine and process them in an environmentally friendly way, as Martin Smith, Eva Marquis, and Frances Wall* report.
  • Q&A – Dr Lilian Hodgson

    Kathryn Allen talks to Dr Lilian Hodgson FIMMM about choosing a career path and maintaining a work–life balance.
  • Dealing with plastic waste

    The amount of single-use plastic material littering the countryside, rivers, and oceans has stirred plenty of emotion in recent months. But, what can be done to change this? Stuart Patrick* investigates.