• Prizes available for published work

    Acta, a non-profit organisation of which IOM3 is a cooperating society, has established the Student Award.
  • Emulating the beetle’s water harvesting capabilities

    Materials World magazine
    Research into emulating the Stenocara beetle’s water harvesting capabilities is ongoing at MIT in the USA, in order to develop a material for potential applications harvesting water, open-air microfluidic channels and controlled drug release coatings. The wings on the beetle's back are patterned with superhydrophillic bumps on a waxy superhydrophobic background.
  • Nominations invited for Institute's 2007 Awards and Prizes

    The Institute is inviting nominations for its Awards and Prizes 2007.
  • Winners announced for IOM3 Awards and Prizes 2006

    The winners of the Institute's Awards and Prizes 2006 have been announced.
  • Art and Microscopy

    Materials World magazine
    The two cultures, art and science, came together at a one-day meeting entitled 'Art and Microscopy', held by the Royal Microscopical Society on 29 November 2005. Rupal Mehta explores the forms of microscopy, such as polarising light, Raman and X-ray, used in the analysis of paintings, pigment, paint sample, cross section, fingerprint, and materials characterisation.
  • Permabond ‘Legend’ awarded the 2004 de Bruyne Medal

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Dr. William ‘Bill’ A. Lees, formerly of Permabond Adhesives Limited (later National Starch & Chemical Limited) of Eastleigh, Hampshire in the UK, is the 2004 recipient of the de Bruyne medal.