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All sectors covered to include marine, oil, chemical, water treatment, energy and construction with an emphasis on corrosion issues to include: materials selection, accident investigation, failure analysis, problem solving and corrosion control.
Aqueous as well as high temperature corrosion.
Corrosion testing of materials, inhibitors and paints as well as metallic and ceramic coatings.
Independent technical reviews.
Scanning reference electrode equipment for mapping localised corrosion.
Training from technician to masters levels. In-house programmes designed and delivered dealing with corrosion in all its forms and protection methods.

Diffusion coating, HVOF thermal spray coating and CVD hard material coating

- Advice on fabrication & welding to British, European and American standards - Responsible Welding Coordinator - European Directives - PED, SPVD, Machinery - PSSR - Interpretation of material and welding standards - Welding process selection and qualification -Failure investigation and troubleshooting

Welding and material consultancy, failure analysis, expert witness, quality assurance, quality control and project management.

Corrosion investigation, surface treatment and surface coating of metals, acceptance inspection of coated products, coating specifications and specification tests, colorimetry and gloss measurements, chemical tests on coatings.

Assessment of environmental and application conditions for particular components and processes. Formulation of advanced ceramic solutions to provide cost effective improvements.

Easyfairs trade shows are specially designed to meet the needs of professional communities in key sector and geographical markets. In addition, we simplify the business of exhibiting by providing all-in packages to exhibitors.

Ellison Coating Systems is one of the UK’s premier contract enamelling companies, with the ability to coat both steel and aluminium in vitreous enamel, enamel-polymer hybrids and nano-tech coatings.