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TFT Woodexperts Limited - specialist timber consultancy

Generally known as "Woodexperts" for short, TFT Woodexperts Limited is a consultancy practice specialising in solving problems involving timber and wood-based products. Our clients are principally the UK Timber Trade, their customers and suppliers - ie the construction industry, sawmills, board producers and timber engineers - as well as Timber Frame housebuilders and joinery manufacturers. 


A large part of our work involves site investigations, which usually result in an Expert Report, which may end up as part of a court case: Woodexperts will always defend the wood!


As well as undertaking consultancy and site investigations, Woodexperts can deliver Education and Training in Wood Science and Timber Technology, through our two fully Accredited courses - the Level 4 Certificate in Wood Science and Timber Technology and the Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Wood Science. We also offer "bespoke" training courses on timber subjects, such as Timber Grading, Basics of Wood, Understanding Panel Products, etc.


TFT Certification - a trading title of TFT Woodexperts Limited - has a Registered Certification Mark, known as the "Diamond Mark", which has been applied to many wood-based products, including Tiling Battens, Scaffold Boards, Laminated Joinery Timber, Flooring, and General Purpose Plywoods and BS 1088-Certified Marine Plywood.


Woodexperts can also test for glue bonding, paint-film thickness application, wood species identification: and many other technical matters to do with Wood as a material - and its uses.


If in doubt - ask us: and we can usually help!

TFT Woodexperts Ltd, is a timber consultancy specializing in training, expert witness, quality assurance, and timber consulting.
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