Patently Creative

Patently Creative is managed by Dr Wybrow; a Patent Consultant, Professional Inventor, and Innovator, with
several granted patents in his name.

Pat Russell-Rayner (European Patent Attorney) is a consultant to the business.

We provide:

  • Patenting

  • Product Design and development

  • Prototyping

  • Technical/Commercial

Inventors often only have one solution to an identified need or problem; we add our creative
thinking to create improved solutions.

It is often said that: "necessity is the mother of invention".

We believe that: "simplicity is the
mother of the best invention".

Inventors face many
difficulties in Britain, and we believe that more needs to be done to support
them.    Many good ideas can “slip through the net” and we need to nurture
manufacturing in the UK.

Flexible, Computer Aided Design software is used to assist in the development of ideas and inventions relating to new products and processes, with continual, friendly and intelligent liaison with all relevant organisations and personnel.

Dr Wybrow has 20 years experience in the field of Innovation Management and his particular experience as a Professional Inventor allows him to provide a unique service.

Patently Creative operates a flexible system of charging and nothing is claimed which cannot be achieved!

Product/service area: 
Information & Advice
Consultancy services

Contact Details

Dr Brian Wybrow
P.O. Box 121
United Kingdom
01873 831222