NORTEST offer a range of instruments and services from a number of the world's leading manufacturers for testing a wide range of materials to national and international standards.

AGILA Belgium. Platen presses, mills, bale cutters, stockblenders and other machinery for the polymer industry. Second-hand machines and custom reconditioning available.

ANTER Corporation. U.S.A. Dilatometers and both transient and steady state thermal properties instruments for measuring thermal expansion, diffusivity, conductivity and specific heat plus an extensive contract testing laboratory.

Binder Gmbh. Temperature chambers.

Bytewise, USA. Online profile measurement systems provide automatic, high speed, non contact measurement of complex profiles.

Doli Gmbh.Germany.  Flexometers for fatigue testing of rubbers plus control systems for universal testing machines.

Elastocon AB, Sweden. A range of highly specified instruments for testing polymeric materials. Areas of specific interest include instruments and accessories for continuous stress relaxation and the precision ageing of polymers.

Hildebrand Gmbh, Hardness testers for polymers, portable and laboratory instruments for all IRHD and Shore ranges.

Lambient Technology, USA. Dielectric cure monitoring systems and sensors for composites.


Product/service area: 
Polymer processing
Thermal processing/heat treatment
Materials analysis
Mechanical testing – equipment
Mechanical testing - services
Nondestructive testing/measurement

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