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The Science and the Technology of Packaging. QPS is able to offer expert guidance in all aspects of Packaging Technology from the more scientific aspects of early pack (device/pack) development, testing and standards setting to the more technical aspects of physical pack design, packaging process design, industrialisation, and support for equipment specification. Also dealing with material and pack rationalisation and cost saving identification, QPS has operated across a range of industries involving a wide range of pack formats and associated processes.

  • Primary Pack Development - for Stability, Product Protection & subsequent Industrialisation
  • Support relating to Tooling Design
  • Development of Testing and associated Standards
  • Secondary/Tertiary Pack Development in association with Marketing and Equipment Suppliers or In-House Engineers.
  • Contract Manufacturing selection and support for all testing/stability testing and/or contract manufacturing start up.
  • Supplier selection and Supplier Development.
  • Cost saving through Pack/Range  simplification and rationalisation
  • Population of Tender related databases for Packaging Specifications and support for Packaging Waste Directive returns
  • Shelf ready packaging design for major supermarkets
  • Population of eg, Tesco & Asda packaging databases for packaging waste control
  • Project management and provision of skilled resource.
  • Completion of Packaging Waste Directive returns.
  • Science and Engineering base.

Basis of operation

Operating on a Consultancy or Contractual basis off site or on-site as appropriate - we can help to bridge resource gaps providing management and specialist technical expertise to your operation.

Supplier Selection and Support across UK, France Germany, Belgium, Italy Spain, Sweden, US & Puerto Rico 

Number of employees: 1

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Pharmaceutical, Device, Diagnostics, Packaging Design, Cost Saving, Expert Witness

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Consultancy services

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Frank Barker
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United Kingdom
01606 833064