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Business Units

Electronic Materials
Ferro Electronic Materials develops, manufactures and markets high-purity powders, pastes, and tapes for many electronic applications.

Color & Glass Performance Materials
Ferro's Performance Pigments and Colors business develops, produces and markets color stains, special glasses, glazes, decoration colors, and special coating materials for the ceramic industry, as well as pigments for the paint and plastics industries.

Ferro Glass Systems supplies innovative glass colors and coatings, which add value to automotive, flat and container glass in the global market. The Ferro Glass Systems brand is built around innovation, quality, technical service and global reach. Forehearth coloration was pioneered by Ferro as a cost-effective alternative to coloration in the glass tank. It is particularly effective for special colors or short campaigns, for glass bottles, tableware, giftware and architectural glass.

Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories produces high purity chemistry for health and beauty products.

Polymer Additives
Ferro's Polymer Additives business improve the characteristics of or the processing of plastics. Our products include heat and light stabilizers, plasticizers and lubricants.

Porcelain Enamel

Ferro has long been the world's leading supplier of PE and we are closing in on a century of meeting customers needs.

As a global technology innovator and manufacturer we provide state-of-the-art PE products to industries that demand high quality and durability in their finishes. We supply to industries such as major appliances, sanitary ware, water heaters, cookware, building panels and silo tank producers.

Specialty Plastics
Ferro produces filled and reinforced plastics; liquid colors, dispersions, gelcoats, and CordoBond® plastic colorants; and advanced polymer alloys.

Tile Coating Systems
Ferro Tile Coating Systems is the world's leading supplier of ceramic glaze coatings, a major supplier of ceramic color, and the leading producer of inks used in digital decoration of ceramic tile. The ceramic floor and wall tile industry is a major market for Ferro

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