Corrosion & Materials Consultants - CMC Ltd

Typical projects undertaken:
SCC for oil and nuclear industries.
Weld attack and localised corrosion of stainless steels and duplex SS in an
industrial water treatment plant and in the food industry.
Pitting Corrosion of cupro-nickel pipes in heat exchangers.
Effect of inhibitors on crevice corrosion.
Hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steel.
Feasibility studies viz a viz design and corrosion aspects of a bridge in
Advice on cathodic protection criteria for a major pipeline in Middle East
involving prestressed concrete pipes.
Effect of environment on cathodic protection system of ships.
Accelerated low water corrosion on steel piles in the Thames.
Estimation of the life expectancy of modified galvanised steel in marine
Expert witness & preparation of documentation for arbitration cases:

  • waste incinerator corrosion
  • valves for automotive turbocharged engines
  • pitting and weld attack of stainless steel, involving microbial corrosion

Overseas Experience: Switzerland, Libya, Egypt

Language(s): Arabic, moderate French and some German

Product/service area: 
Consultancy services

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