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BD Consultancy provides independent advice for: the selection/evaluation of spacecraft materials; manufacturing processes for aerospace and space; independent reviews for failure analysis, material review boards, NRBs; pcbs, soldering, tin whiskers, and lead-free control plans; etc. Barrie was initially employed by a large US electronics manufacturing company before joining the European Space Agency and became its Head of Materials and Processes Division. He supported ESA projects until 2014, particularly the telecomms satellites, manned Spacelab and ISS, science projects and launch vehicles/ground station. Covers (ECSS) M&P specifications and training. Awards: BSc (Hons) in metallurgy, MPhil and PhD in materials science. CEng, FIMMM, FBIS, MRAeS; now Hon Prof at Uni of Portsmouth, U.K.
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Consultancy services
Surface engineering/coating

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Barrie Dunn Consultancy