Directory of Suppliers and Consultants

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Almath Crucibles Ltd based near Cambridge (in the UK), is an established company producing a wide range of alumina and zirconia crucibles. With over 15 years experience, we cater for customers worldwide whilst retaining the flexibility to produce one off articles.

Our standard range of crucibles, including boats and trays, covers approximately 200 sizes. We stock a large quantity of crucibles for immediate delivery. Other products made to customer's requirements include: substrate tiles, PBN crucibles, crystal growing crucibles with pointed or round bases and tubes. We are a world leader in the manufacture of yttria stabilised zirconia crucibles and speciality yttria stabilised zirconia coated alumina crucibles. We also produce ultra high purity alumina (99.99%) crucibles.

Our most popular sizes of crucible are available for immediate purchase via our secure on-line shop at

Materials consultancy specialising in elastomeric materials offering consultancy and research / development opportunities.

Canada Wood is an off-shore markets combined initiative between the Canadian government and timber industry association partners representing member company producers across Canada

Specialist consultants in the production, fabrication and uses of refractory metals and corrosion resistant materials for the aerospace and defence, chemical, electronic, furnace, nuclear and glass industries, general powder metallurgical processing and friction-stir welding.

Easyfairs trade shows are specially designed to meet the needs of professional communities in key sector and geographical markets. In addition, we simplify the business of exhibiting by providing all-in packages to exhibitors.