Materials Technology special issue on ‘Biomaterials and bio-medical engineering’

15 Nov 2010

This special double issue of Materials Technology: Advanced Performance Materials (September 2010, Volume 25, Numbers 3-4) is dedicated to the theme of biomaterials and their diverse applications in a growing and emerging field. Invitations to contribute were made to selected authors based on their expertise and as recognised leaders in the field. The resulting twelve papers present the latest research in biomaterials and bio-medical engineering and create a special issue that will be of wide and lasting interest. The introductory editorial by Professor Misra is free to view online and gives a full list of contents for the special issue. Members of the Institute can enjoy free access to the complete special issue and other issues of Materials Technology by logging onto the IOM3 website then visiting

The first paper by Misra addresses the challenge of the targeted delivery of anticancer drugs through the application of magnetic nanoparticles coated with stimuli-responsive polymer conjugated with the drug. Other topics related to functional biomaterials include a single step route for the preparation of carbon nanotube/nickel oxide core-shell nanoparticles, promising candidates for non-viral gene delivery and attempts to mathematically model drug release. The effects of biomaterials on stem cell behaviour are also discussed in a review on ongoing research within the field and potential methods considered for fabricating scaffolds.

Structural biomedical applications covered include applications of the widely used biomaterial, titanium – low elastic modulus foams and novel coatings to enhance biocompatibility of implants – and a review of developments in polymer based biocomposites.

Recent Materials Technology special issues have addressed the development within nanotechnology and smart textile fields in the textile industry and the current and potential applications of light metals.

Edited by Professors Froes and Misra, Materials Technology is dedicated to bridging the gap between innovation and application of cutting-edge technologies and science. Materials Technology focuses on R&D in industrial, university and national laboratories; with an emphasis on the communication of information that is of practical and commercial value to its readers. For further information, including how to submit to the journal, visit the journal homepage. For the latest content, sign up for journal TOC alerts.


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