Advances in Applied Ceramics publishes special issue on applications of polymer derived ceramics

2 Feb 2010

Published in November 2009, this themed issue of Advances in Applied Ceramics (AAC) is dedicated to applications of polymer derived ceramics (PDC). Guest editors, Professor Paolo Colombo (University of Padova, Italy and the Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Dr. Gunter Motz (University of Bayreuth, Germany), commissioned a series of papers in this field with the aim of stimulating use of these materials in key engineering fields.

Production of ceramics using polymer precursors is a young and interdisciplinary field. The method resolves some of the problems associated with ceramics manufacture by traditional powder technology. This has led to extensive research on the development of novel precursors and characterisation of the structure and properties of resulting ceramics. Less attention has been paid to the applications of PDC, although they have been used successfully in a number of applications, for example as ceramic fibres or matrices in fibre-reinforced composites. Recent research has led to their use in novel, highly innovative applications such as polymer and ceramic functional coatings, MEMS, high temperature sensors, membranes or specialty porous ceramics. For example, the paper by Schulz reviews the use of PDC in MEMS/NEMS where their material properties have opened up applications of these devices in harsh, high temperature, oxidising environments.

Paolo Colombo and Gunter Motz’s editorial is available to view online for free and gives a full list of contents for the special issue.

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