Past Events from the Manchester Polymer Group

15 May 2017: Rubber and Elastomers – sustainably meeting tomorrow’s challenges - MPG Rubber Seminar 

Download the individual presentations below. The presentations were presented to 70 delegates who attended the seminar which was sponsored by artis to whom we are most grateful.


28 November 2016: Plastics – The Future, Updates and Recent Developments - MPG Plastics Seminar 

Download the individual presentations below​


16 May 2016: Rubber a Resilient Future Part 4 - “Rubbers & Elastomers in Extreme Environments” - MPG Rubber Seminar

Download the individual presentations below


23 November 2015: Can Plastics be environmentally acceptable and provide engineering solutions? - MPG Plastics Seminar

Download all 12 presentations (zip 24.1mb)




20 April 2015: Rubber a Resilient Future Part 2 - Compounding to Meet Engineering Challenges - MPG Rubber Seminar

Download all 10 presentations (zip 19.9 mb)


15 January 2015: Lean in the process Industry - "It's not just about cars!!

Nick Brandwood of the Manufacturing Advisory Service - download the presentation (pptx 0.962mb)


19 September 2013:  Plastics - Meeting and Adapting to Sustainability Challenges – but is it enough?

Stuart Patrick, Chair The Polymer Society of IOM3 - download the presentation (PDF, 2.2mb).