Polymers: Environmental and Engineering Conflicts

Manchester Polymer Group
27 Oct 2015


Can Plastics be environmentally acceptable and provide engineering solutions?

MPG’s next annual plastics seminar will focus on the apparent conflicts between meeting increasing environmental demands and satisfying cost effective performance and specification requirements from many and varying polymeric material types. Manchester Polymer Group and the Polymer Society have joined forces to run the next Manchester Plastics Seminar on Monday 23 November 2015

Full details of the ‘Polymers: Environmental and Engineering Conflicts’ programme are now available and will feature a Keynote Paper from Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council followed by Polymer contributions from 3M, Victrex and Axion Polymers talking about upcycling fluoropolymers, high performance aromatic polyketones working for and against the environment in the energy industry and the challenges of delivering a circular economy for plastics in the automotive sector.

The important roles for flame retardants, stabilisers and organic peroxide additives will be covered by Polymer Tailoring, BASF and Hubron Speciality.

Biodegradability issues will also feature Oxo-biodegradable additives and an overview of bio-polymer functionality from Wells Plastics and the Biocomposites Centre at Bangor University respectively.

Regulation and Testing is not forgotten when Waste Licensing – REACH – Insurance and Quality Issues and the Frontiers of Thermal Analysis are covered by COSTDown and Mettler Toledo.

Polymers: Environmental and Engineering Conflicts is sponsored by 3M with support from SPE and RAPRA. The event continues to be held at Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester which has shown to be a very popular location in previous seminars.

The successful and cost effective format of previous MPG Plastics and Rubber Seminars will be followed with a mixture of papers, Table Top displays and networking opportunities.
With free places available for Students and Apprentices, full details are here.