Rubber and Elastomers – sustainably meeting tomorrow’s challenges

15 May 2017

Programme – Fillers, Recycling, Materials, Processing and Testing (pdf 454kb)

Manchester Polymer Group, in conjunction with the Rubber in Engineering Group, held their most recent Rubber Seminar on 15th May 2017, entitled Rubber and Elastomers – Sustainably meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

The programme included -

The Keynote Paper Sustainable fillers for future elastomers from ARTIS was about the pyrolysis process and showed benchmarking data collected by ARTIS. The paper also discussed the other approaches being taken in the industry with some novel technologies currently being developed by ARTIS also being featured.

The Product Development session included Slurry process EP(D)M: New Grades obtained with an Innovative New Ziegler Natta Catalyst System from Versalis with the new grades satisfying highly demanding applications such as Automotive Sponge Profiles, Building Solid Profiles and TPV.

The automotive sector also featured a Dupont Performance Elastomers paper New Vamac® (AEM) Ethylene Acrylate Polymer Developments to respond to Trends in the Automotive Industry which focused on the contribution from AEM polymers in meeting fuel efficiency requirements without losing engine performance.

In the Testing and Evaluation session Elastocon and OCSiAl respectively covered Stress Relaxation and Lifetime Estimation of Rubber Materials and Use less, Do more and Perform better featuring the role of carbon nanotubes.

The Recycling session included discussion on Developments in recycling and re-use of waste rubber from Smithers RAPRA with Polymer Recyclers posing the question Tyres back to Tyres – opportunity or pipe dream? In this session, Alternative uses of Devulcanised Rubber by Phenix Technology were also  proposed.

Delegates heard about the various drivers that are contributing to the increase in interest and activity in recycling as well as considering how these might evolve and change in the future. The large number of ways in which rubber has been recycled into a wide range of new products, covering various industry sectors, was covered as was the potential for these re-use streams in the future. With particular reference to tyres, there was an update on the original presentation at the IRC meeting in Manchester in 2014.

The Seminar was the 12th in the series and represented excellent value for money with the subject matter covered and opportunities to network with multi-national and SMEs at the historic Lancashire County Cricket Club.

Presentations from the 2017 Rubber Seminar - Rubber and Elastomers - sustainably meeting tomorrow's challenges can be found here.

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