About us

 About Us

The Society sponsors monthly seminar and individual scholarship to assist postgraduate students to attend appropriate scientific conferences. Monthly meetings are held at The University of Manchester, Room C15 in the MSS Tower on the first Tuesday evening of the month at 6:45pm preceded by a buffet supper at 6:00pm. All meetings, shown below, will be announced to those on our membership list and will also be available on the Society Twitter and Web pages.                                        

Mission Statement: The Manchester Metallurgical Society (MMS) aims to provide a friendly atmosphere for students and professionals alike; to come together for technical discussions in order to promote knowledge exchange on current and emerging technologies on all aspects of metallurgy and promote friendly debate between attendees. The MMS recognises the gap between industry professionals and students and hopes to provide a platform for networking, to encourage and inspire  the next generation of professionals. 


1918 - 19 December First meeting of MMS attended by 50 people in the College of Technology (later to become UMIST in 1966).
The first council saw Ezra Lobb Rhead (1864-1940) reside as President with Vice President positions held by W.W.Millington, Prof. C.A.Edwards and Dr. J.H.Andrew.  The Hon. Treasurer was T.G.Hirst and the Hon. Secratary was P.Peakman.  Interstingly for the time, the council inluded one female member, Miss E.M.McMillan.
Founding Principles:
•    To advance the knowledge and application of metallurgy ,and to promote interchange of opinions amongst the members
•    Membership is open to any person (Lady or Gentlemen) who is interested in Metallurgy
•    Subscription 5 shillings per year (equivalent to £11.18 per annum today)
1946 - 18 February. A notable lecture describing failure of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
1947 - A boy of 16, Master N R Rolls, wrote to the secretary asking to be a member – his request was granted.
1948 - Subscriptions went from 5 shillings to 8 shillings.
1948 - 20 October. The society affilliated with the Iron and Steel Institute following agreement at the AGM.  The Iron and Steel Institute was established in 1869.
1974 - The Metals Society established - merger of the Iron and Steel Institute and the Institute of Metals.
1992 - The Institute of Metals changed its name to The Institute of Materials.
2002 - Merger of the Institute of Materials with the Institiute of Mining and Metallurgy to become IOM3.

2019 - The MMS Celebrates its Centenary with the original founding principles upheld to this day.