The June Wilson Award 2017

London Materials Society
12 Oct 2017

London Materials Society invites entries for the 2017 June Wilson Award

The London Materials Society (LMS) is honoured to re-inaugurate the annual June Wilson Award and establish an annual lecture in honour of Professor Larry Hench.

This award is an endowment from the late Prof. Hench (1938-2015) in commemoration of his late wife’s achievements in the field of materials research. The prize, valued at £750, will be awarded to a female scientist up to the age of 30 based in a research institution and/or (commercial/non-profit) organisation in the Greater London area, who has demonstrated excellence in any relevant area of materials science and engineering.

The prize will be awarded at a special annual Larry Hench lecture every November, to be given this year by Professor Molly Stevens at Imperial College on 2 November 2017. The Award is meant to highlight the research of the recipient and honour the pioneering contributions made to the field of biomedical materials by June Wilson, one of the first women to investigate the histo-patholgy of materials, create the techniques to understand the mechanisms of bonding of bioactive materials to bone, discovered the concepts of soft tissue bonding to bioactive materials and identified the phenomenon of osteoproduction. She also led the pioneering efforts to obtain FDA approval of clinical use of bioactive glasses and mentored numerous students in Florida and London during her 30-year career in the field.

Young women interested in competing for the Award should submit their name, date of birth and affiliation(s), as well as an abstract of no more than 500 words describing their current and proposed future research to, no later than 5 pm on Friday 20 October 2017.