Designing materials to heal the body and detect disease earlier

2 Nov 2017

Larry Hench Lecture & June Wilson Award, London Materials Society Joint meeting with Imperial College


Larry Hench Lecture

Professor Molly Stevens


About the Speaker

Professor Stevens and her group are designing biomaterials for regenerative medicine and bio-sensing. This includes developing innovative bone, cartilage, nerve and heart tissues. In the future, these could be used as replacements for damaged tissue in the body, helping patients to heal more rapidly.

Her work is also providing important insights into how tissues change when they become diseased.

On the bio-sensing side, Professor Stevens and her team are focussing on developing ultrasensitive disease detectors using nanoscopic materials. For example, she has designed a device capable of specifically detecting biomarkers in clinical samples that indicate the early onset of diseases including acute pancreatitis, sepsis and rheumatoid arthritis.


June Wilson Award

The London Materials Society is honoured to host the fifth annual June Wilson Award and Lecture in in honour of the late Professor Larry Hench. This award is an endowment from Professor Larry Hench in commemoration of his late wife’s achievements in the field of biomedical materials research.

The prize, valued at £750, will be awarded by Professor Molly Stevens.



6.30pm - June Wilson Award Presentation

6.45pm - Larry Hench Lecture

7.45pm - Buffet


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Event Location: 
Imperial College
Room G20
Royal School of Mines
United Kingdom
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Priya Kalia

Patrick Pryce

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