About the Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society

The Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society is affiliated to the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3) and founded as the Leeds Metallurgical Society, inaugurated in 1945.

It originated, and remains today, based on the University of Leeds campus, with a varied programme of activities, technical meetings and events to encourage and keep young materials scientists, academics and industry alike, apprised of the technical advances and innovations through all aspects of Materials Science.

LBMES has evolved through the decades to be inkeeping with the needs and topics of the time in the field of Materials Science. It started life "at a private meeting held by a few gentlemen interested in Metallurgical Progress, at Leeds on 1 November 1945 [when] it was decided to call a public meeting with the object of forming a local metallurgical association. This meeting was duly held at the University of Leeds on 3 December 1945, at which formal inauguration of the LEEDS METALLURGICAL SOCIETY took place amongst great enthusiasm." (Mr. W. R. Berry, 1945).

The society existed with that name until 1990, when it was decided to merge programmes with the Yorkshire Plastics and Rubber Institute and other affiliated societies, sharing technical meetings, until the society was renamed in June 1995 to the Leeds Metals and Materials Society. This was again changed at the turn of the millennium to its present branding, of the Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society.