Kaushik Parida, Singapore

Kaushik obtained his Master's degree from the School of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology (ITT Bombay), in 2013. He moved to Singapore to pursue a PhD at Nanyang Technological University in the School of Material Science and Engineering. Currently he is working on piezoelectric energy harvesting devices for his PhD thesis. His specific interest lies in increasing the energy harvested from the piezoelectric device. He strongly believes that piezoelectric energy harvesting holds the key to solve the energy crisis of the world.

Piezoelectric energy harvester: Converting ambient mechanical energy to useful electrical energy

Energy is one of the cardinal aspects of human life. The world is highly dependent on energy, and its appetite is increasing day by day. Oil is the major contributor to energy generation. However, currently oil reserves are steadily declining and consumption of fossil fuel is also infusing the earth's atmosphere with CO2, which is responsible for global warming. So, a possible solution is to resort to alternative or renewable means of energy generation and harvest energy from the ambient mechanical environment. Piezoelectric materials can convert energy from human walking motion in order to power portable electronics. A huge amount of research is being done in order to tailor the properties of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) in order to enhance the energy harvesting performance and effectively power portable electronics.

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