IOM3 Vice President

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Contract type
Voluntary role
Closing date
12 Feb 2021

Nominations are now open for the role of Vice-President of IOM3, which has become vacant due to the biennial cycle of presidential changes.

In the normal course of events, the successful candidate would be expected to become President of the Institute in January 2027.

The President plays a key role in the life of IOM3, representing the Institute to the outside world on a range of different occasions. The President is one of the senior Trustees, is Chair of the Advisory Council and sits, along with around a dozen others, on the Executive Board. On average, a President is likely to spend around a day a week on Institute business across their two-year term. The Senior Vice-President and the two Vice-Presidents, also Trustees of the Institute, support the President in that role before normally themselves becoming President. The time commitment at this point averages a day a month on Institute business. The immediate Past President is also the Chair of the Executive Board, and again is likely to spend a day a week on Institute business for the two years they hold this post.

We are therefore looking for someone with suitable seniority in their area of professional competence, with a strong passion for the Institute’s charitable purpose and its members, demonstrated consistently over time. The successful applicant will also be able to show a track record of leading groups of volunteers and, ideally, will have prior experience as a charity trustee or other similar non-executive role. We are open to nominations from candidates with a background in any of the many different activities and sectors of the Institute’s members. We are also particularly keen to improve the diversity of our volunteer cadre.

Nominees must be voting (corporate) members of the Institute in good standing, normally either a Fellow or with the expectation of Fellowship in the next four years or so. Nomination is by submission of a CV (maximum three pages) and a covering letter (maximum two pages) illustrating the nominee’s suitability and vision for and commitment to the role. Nominations must be supported by statements (maximum one page) from two other voting members (also in good standing). Nomination packs must be received at [email protected] no later than midnight (GMT) on Friday 12 February 2021.

The current President, Neil Glover, the Chair of the Executive Board, Serena Best and the Chief Executive, Dr Colin Church, are all available to discuss this position informally in confidence if you should so wish. Please contact us on [email protected] in the first instance. This is also the address to use for any other queries relating to this role.

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