Aeronautics PhD positions

Imperial College London or University of Bristol, UK
Contract type
Full-time study
London or Bristol, depending on position
Closing date
15 Jul 2022
Completive (open to International, Home, and EU candidates)

Next Generation Fibre-Reinforced Composites (NextCOMP) programme is a £6M EPSRC funded programme grant, a collaboration between Imperial College London and the University of Bristol which is fundamentally redesigning high performance composite materials. NextCOMP programme focusses on the challenge of improving the absolute performance of composites in compression, both to address practical limitations of current materials, and as a demonstration of the value of quantitative hierarchical materials design. The work, inspired by natural materials, will develop and embed structure at every lengthscale from the molecules of the matrix to the lay-up of final components, to control failure and improve compressive performance. We are developing novel matrices and fibres, each with structure designed to improve compressive performance; working on new architectures for lay-up of components with larger scale structure; developing new mechanical testing methods; and using modelling to better understand compressive failure.

There are currently four PhD Studentship positions which are available now.

Three positions are open to all students, including funding for international candidates, as well as Home (UK), EU citizens who have confirmation of UK settlement or pre-settlement status;

  • Arrest of compression crack growth and failure investigation of fibre-reinforced composites (AE0001) @ Imperial College London
  • Compression Failure in Fibre-reinforced Composites: Identifying Mechanisms and the Effect of Architectural Modifications (Ref: AE0008) @ Imperial College London
  • Compression Failure in Fibre Reinforced Composites (Self-Funded Only) @ University of Bristol

One position is open to only Home (UK) and EU citizens who have confirmation of UK settlement or pre-settlement status;

  • Novel Hierarchical Composites for Improved Compressive Performance @ University of Bristol

Why apply for this PhD?

  • You will be working on an exciting area of study developing a new kind of composite which could revolutionise the composites industry.
  • You will have access to excellent facilities including those at the National Composites Centre, who are a NextCOMP partner.
  • You will be funded subject to meeting the funding eligibility requirements (unless indicated otherwise).
  • You will be part of a large team including renowned academics, Post-Doctoral Researchers and other PhD students from across both Imperial College London and University of Bristol, offering significant opportunities for professional development.
  • You will be working as part of a large programme grant which has links to numerous industrial partners, and we will actively encourage you to disseminate your research at conferences, through publications, and public engagement activities.

There are more details available on the project website, NextCOMP including links to the advertised positions, videos, and our latest news. if you have any questions about the PhD opportunities, or for initial informal enquiries then please contact the details provided on each advert.