Chair of Ethnic Minorities in Materials, Minerals and Mining (EMM3)

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining
Contract type
Voluntary role
Closing date
11 Oct 2021

The Chair will promote the creation of inclusive policies within the Institute, as well as raising awareness in regards to issues such as unconscious biases in the workplace. You will also have a role in representing your member network community in other parts of the Institute and externally. Member network boards meet between two and six times a year, depending on the board’s desires and workload.

The long term goal of the group is to promote equality of ethnic minorities within the materials, minerals and mining industries. In the short term, the focus will be around gathering information from members belonging to minority groups to understand any issues they may face in the industry or in education and how IOM3 can help address them.

Any member with relevant interests can apply, whether or not they have already been involved with the Board or elsewhere with the Institute. Please submit a CV and a statement of what you propose to do as Chair, to Shardell Joseph by 08:00 BST on Monday 11 October 2021.

We are happy to arrange informal conversations for anyone who wants to find out more about any of the posts and the process.