Steel Heroes - Dr Thomas Swinden

  • 1886 - 1944
  • Associateship in Metallurgy 1905
  • BMet (Sheffield) 1907
  • MMet  (Sheffield) 1909
  • DMet (Sheffield) 1913
  • Andrew Carnegie Research Fund Scholoarship 1909 & 1911
  • Andrew Carnegie Gold Medal 1913
  • Bessemer Gold Medal 1941
  • MC James Gold Medal (North East Coast Inst of Engineers and Shipbuilders)
  • Silcer Medal of the Inst of Marine Engineers
  • Vice President of the Iron and Steel Institute 1944
  • VP Refractories Section of British Ceramic Soc.
  • VP of the British Iron and Steel Research Ass’n
  • Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Alloy Steels Association


Researched tungsten and molybdenum steels in 1900s

Appointed as Chief Chemist at Samuel Fox & Co in 1909.

Progressed to Chief Metallurgist, Works Manager, and Managing Director before being appointed as Director of Research for the United Steel Companies in 1932

His interests were wide ranging, including alloy steels, pyrometry, open-hearth practice, coke quality, and refractory properties.

Wrote numerous papers on the metallurgy of steel, 32 of which were published in the Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute.

He sat on or chaired numerous committees, and was a member of numerous scientific and technical bodies.

He was awarded the Bessemer Gold Medal for his original investigations into the metallurgy of steel, and his services to the organisation and direction of research in the steel industry.

After his death, the United Steel Companies named their new laboratories in Rotherham in his honour.

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