Steel in Construction

Steel is well known for its use in a plethora of construction applications in all aspects of our everyday life.

You don’t have to dig very far however before coming across numerous examples of this versatile material being either used or celebrated in world-renowned construction projects across the globe.

Steel in Construction

Steel is a widely utilised resource for the construction industry.  Steel can be found in anything, from small brackets for pipework all the way to skyscrapers.

The advantages that steel offers to the construction sector have long been recognised by designers and specifiers.

Detailed below are some of the advantages steel provides the construction industry.


  • A recent independent study showed that on a typical city centre office building, the frame and upper floors cost of the steel-framed option was 12% lower than the concrete alternative.


  • 99% of constructional steel in the UK is either reused or recycled and can be used again and again without any loss of quality.

Acoustics and Vibration:

  • Research shows that steelframed solutions easily satisfy the acoustic and vibration performance requirements for buildings.

Fire protection:

  • It is easy to effectively fire protect steel, and steel performs well in fire situations.


  • Efficient steel designs take advantage of the high strength-to weight ratio of steel to provide longer flexible internal column-free spaces. Lean manufacture minimises waste.


  • Steel sections are tested, certified, and CE Marked before delivery with inspection certificates. Fabrication processes are quality assured and fully CE Marked.


  • Steel gives the earliest start on site and earliest possible payback on investment. Time related savings can amount to between 3-5% of the overall project value.


  • Accurate fabrication work takes place offsite and steel is only brought to site when needed, reducing the need for on site storage, the number of people required and the risk of accidents.


The British Construction Steelwork Association has a huge wealth of information covering a diverse array of topics regarding the use of steel in construction on their free encyclopedia here:



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