• BOS Plant Vessel Charging

    Materials Society visit to Corus Strip Products UK Port Talbot Works – steelmaking and reductions in carbon footprint

    South Wales Materials Association
    On 27 January Port Talbot Works hosted a visit from 45 members of the South Wales Materials Association.
  • Bioreactor

    Treating bioleach effluent

    Materials World magazine
    Pilot trials are ongoing to remove iron and sulphate, using a bioprocess, from the acidic effluent that results from heap bioleaching metals from minerals. The work is being undertaken at the Talvivaara Mining Company’s nickel mine in Sotkamo, Finland. The technique is said to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than current methods for iron removal.
  • Funding boost for UK manufacturing

    State-of-the-art EPSRC manufacturing research centres will be based at Southampton, Loughborough and Brunel universities, as part of a £70m Government investment.
  • Washing hands

    Soaking up savings - water efficiency

    Materials World magazine
    Water-efficient technology has vast potential and the associated tax relief can help manufacturers boost their bottom line. Water specialist Claire Sweeney, at UK sustainable business programme Envirowise, reports
  • Counting carbon

    Materials World magazine
    The UK Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from April 2010. Alessandra McConville, Environmental Programmes Leader at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, provides guidance on the process of compliance.
  • Sunflower Silhouette

    Sustainability conference - have your say!

    The Sustainability Conference Committee invites you to get involved in the planning of the event!
  • Model behaviour of ceramic and intermetallic alloys

    Materials World magazine
    Physical modelling to bridge the knowledge gaps between the atomistic and macroscopic levels of intermetallic alloys and ceramic coatings is under development.
  • Building design

    Curving façades – metal forming

    Materials World magazine
    Formtexx, London, UK, has launched software and a mass production process to achieve 3D double curvature façades in construction using metal forming technology influenced by the automotive industry.
  • Guests travel from afar to attend awards dinner

    On 22 October new Fellows, special and publication award winners and their guests gathered for the Institute's Special and Publications Awards dinner.
  • Cladded steel component prior to residual stress measurement

    The strain of weld induced residual stresses

    Materials World magazine
    UK researchers are exploring a new analytical framework for predicting and measuring weld induced residual stresses. This could have important implications for nuclear and aerospace applications by providing a more accurate, rapid and less costly approach to the problem using 3D eigenstrain solutions.