Iron & Steel Society - Newsletter No. 3

The Iron & Steel Society
10 Dec 2017



This is newsletter no. 3, following the Board meeting on 9th November 2017 at Sheffield University.


 Residuals in steel    Speakers are now being contacted for a series of conferences, with the first event now planned at Warwick University in November 2018. The topics covered will include scrap processing, impact on steelmaking (both EAF and BOF), and effect on steel microstructure, processing and properties.

Dr Richard Thackray of Sheffield University is the conference organising chair.

Steel Strategy Seminars  Organising Chair Andy Dunsmore is aiming to restart these seminars in Autumn 2018. Industry 4.0 was considered the first priority topic with the objective:

To enable the UK Steel Industry to develop understanding, strategise and implement Industry 4.0 technologies.

Industry 4.0 is such a large topic that it could cover more than one seminar. The 1st one could be at IOM3 London as it would be more generic, followed by one or more in the steelmaking regions.

The second priority topic is the circular economy, with likely venues being Scunthorpe and/or South Wales.

2020 European Electric Steelmaking conference   This International conference has been confirmed for the UK. Bob Ruddlestone has agreed to Chair the organising committee and event.

An International `Testing of steel`conference has been confirmed for Swansea in 2018.

PhD/Eng doc seminar  This event is planned for 27th November 2018, at Armourers' Hall in London and we already have significant interest from presenters and attendees from academia and industry. Chris McDonald is the organiser.

 Alloy development conference  Led by Peter Morris  this will be the premier conference event as part of the 150 years` celebrations in 2019, and based on the following outline:


  • Major advances in the understanding of the relationship between microstructure and properties and how these have been applied in the development of new alloys.


  • Parallel developments in microstructural characterisation techniques.



A second 150th celebration conference dealing with Characterisation of Steels is also planned, led by Dr Cameron Pleydell-Pearce  of Swansea University. This will be held at Harwell, a joint venture between Harwell Oxford Developments Ltd, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The UK Atomic Energy Authority owns and manages the campus.

Bessemer Day 2017

10th Nov 2017 was the day for the 2017 Steel Division awards, Bessemer Gold medal award winner John Speer's lecture, Bessemer Masterclass and annual dinner, all at Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield. Dr. Geoff Hale  was our main organiser of this event and he will be providing an update of the event separately.

Steel Medals

The time is now upon us once again to nominate candidates for the steel-related medals of IOM3 to be awarded in 2018. These are the Bessemer, Hadfield, Thomas, Colclough, Stokoweic and Frank Fitzgerald medals. Please give some thought to potential candidates and support this activity the achievements of your colleagues in the steel and related industries.

Note in particular that:

  • To nominate for any of the five in italics, a seconder is required
  • Nominations may only be carried out on-line via the IOM3 web site
  • Nominations close on 31st January 2018

More details of all IOM3 medals are available on the IOM3 web site.


2019 150th anniversary

Work on the 2019 150th anniversary of the birth of the Iron and Steel Institute is progressing. Updates since the last newsletter are that the Exhibition and book will now only be steel-related. We agreed that the use of Q codes on items/documents on show could be used to link to other exhibits/events/web sites with more detail/content. The use of a travelling exhibition was approved. It was noted that it could be updated from time to time (say annually), with, for instance, contributions by local societies.

The Educational work programme is now being led by Diane Aston of IOM3

The outline programme currently includes:


  • Two Materials Matter events aimed at year 12 students to take place in March and November 2019
  • A one day conference for 20+ teachers
  • A poster competition for pupils aged 11 to 16

The programme could also include a lecture tour/including demos based on ‘A world without steel’. Involvement of Local Materials Societies is expected.


Ironmaking and Steelmaking journal

Dr N. McPherson, the journal editor, reviewed current journal status. Paper receipts again had again increased, building on previous year`s increases. This ever- increasing demand to publish via our journal is extremely pleasing.  To ensure publication delays do not occur, the number of pages printed in 2018 will increase from 800 to 1,000 per year. Impact factors are also increasing, creating a virtuous circle of increased demand and citation.


To provide feedback or comment on potential future activities, and so on, please contact our `webmaster` Chris Melvin of Tata Steel.


Dr David Price , ISS Board Secretary