Dates announced for 4th International Conference on Thermomechanical Processing of Steels

The Iron & Steel Society
21 Jun 2011

The Iron and Steel Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and
Mining will host the 4th International Conference on Thermomechanical
Processing of Steels (TMP 2012) in Sheffield on 10-12 September 2012.


Thermomechanical processing (TMP) is now an established and vital part of the production route for many steel products. By understanding the metallurgical refinement occurring during TMP, the microstructure of the steel can be modified for the benefit of the final product properties and application.  As well as greater control of the microstructure, TMP can also result in a reduction in variability of the final properties, and a decrease in the number of process steps.

TMP is today applied to a wide range of steel grades, from carbon and alloy steels, through to stainless, and for a wide range of applications, from structural and construction, to transport via the production of both long and flat products.

With a scope that ranges from phase transformations and complex microstructures through to heat treatment and measurement techniques, this conference will examine the latest process and product metallurgy developments in the thermomechanical processing of steels.


Call for Papers is now open - deadline 31 January 2012.  For full details visit


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